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Scorri giù per Italiano


Sitting all day at the beach could bore to death even the laziest ape. Best antidote is to leave the gates of the resort for day tours around the island.

The first tour takes us to the UNESCO heritage listed Jatiluwih rice fields, on the slopes of central Bali.
We decide to go in the morning, quite late, but our guide friend Susi is very welcoming and gives us a rendezvous at 1200 hours, she says it won’t be too late.

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Scorri giù per Italiano

Bali first days

We landed in Bali and went straight to sleep more or less, due to the long flying day.

The morning after we woke up to a cloudy day, unfortunately. It’s not always beautiful weather in Paradise, it looks like.
We already knew that, since the previous time we encountered lousy rainy weather, even if the rainy season was over.
It can happen the locals say. You just have to get along with it. It normally doesn’t even rain for the whole day, but in bursts.
And ten minutes later it’s all dry again.

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Scorri giù per Italiano

The take off from Doha is almost on time, the captain’s name is Mariano and he has a heavy Spanish accent. Contrary to the captain who flew us from Istanbul to Doha, he doesn’t repeat his address in Arabic.

The seating choice proves right, as we take off northbound, nice view of Doha’s tiny Central district on our left. Then after about 50 minutes a stunning view of Dubai at night, with it’s unique artificial structures (the palm, the Burj, the world is not finished yet).

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Scorri giù per Italiano

Sabiha Gökçen airport is 4 h from Ankara, but it’s actually better to drive there, than to fly, especially if the driver is ?oför Mehmet. The airport was almost quiet, never ideal as Ankara Esenbo?a airport but not as chaotic as Atatürk airport on the European side. Just smooth and quick.
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Vda’s mocetta! (No Comments)

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Vda's mocetta!


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