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Don’t play no game that I can’t win (No Comments)

In their own words:

“Dear peoples, unfortunately there has been a technical botch with the version of the Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win video that was originally posted to YouTube. The sound was not right and you all deserve better. We are bummed. The good news is it’s fixed and everyone can now enjoy the video as was originally intended and planned. Though this wasn’t our mistake , we extend our apologies for the less then ideal viewing/listening.

The Management”

Long live the Beastie Boys (-:D

Barbecue Jarinje (No Comments)

Giovanni Battista Ferrari, Regional Commander Border Police North, taking Andy Sparks, deputy Head of Mission, for a tour of the two northern gates. Too late for the marshmallows… Best of luck for the future!

George Carlin, holy shit! (No Comments)

Powerful, short, funny, neat. True. Something for your eyes and ears. A different human society is possible. Let’s start to purge the bullshit. This is about religion, one of the main obstacles to a sane society. Something to remember and share.

Potente, corto, divertente, pulito. Vero. Qualcosa per i vostri occhi e le orecchie. Una società umana diversa è possibile. Cominciamo ad eliminare le stronzate. Questo monologo è religione, uno dei principali ostacoli ad una società sana. Ricordate e condividete.

Makerbot, print things! (1 Comment)

There’s very little to add, apart from: “I WANT ONE OF THOSE!”

C’è pochissimo da aggiungere, a parte:” NE VOGLIO UNA!”

Khan Academy (No Comments)

Salman Khan is teaching knowledge to the world, for free, on Youtube. For now it’s mainly math and science, more than 1200 lessons of it! Read the rest of this entry »


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