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From Jorge to Giorgio through Long Way Dany (2 Comments)

Italiano (uk flagEnglish here)

From Jorge to Giorgio through Long Way Dany, aka Daniele Ciccone profession “World Traveler”
La professione più antica del mondo?
Ci fanno credere che sia il meretricio, perchè viviamo in un mondo marcio, ma è proprio la tua professione attuale ad essere la? più antica, Daniele.
I nostri antenati eran nomadi, Bruce Chatwin li ha seguiti e studiati ovunque, e per quanto mi riguarda ha dimostrato che chi sta fermo marcisce. Giorgio Bettinelli dal canto suo, ha ampiamente descritto e denunciato le condizioni di vita dei “nativi” dei posti che ha visitato. Quasi tutti ex-nomadi, quasi tutti messi malissimo. Sulvitur ambulando!!!
Avanti tutta fra!
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Meet Claude Marthaler (4 Comments)

Haero & Claude Marthaler

English (uk flagItaliano qui)

Actually, I might be among the few “travelers” that didn’t know him…
I was invited by my mate Raph Jochaud aka CaMacro, to attend a slideshow and a book presentation by a friend of Raph, Claude Marthaler, preformed live at the Grand Bivouac festival in Albertville, France, two weeks ago.
Didn’t know much about the festival and Claude, and sometimes, if not most times, this is the best way to be totally blown away…Indeed, ever since the first robust handshake with Claude, at his little desk among the gazebos, and throughout the whole commented slide-show, I was in a complete state o awe. This slim and tall swiss from beautiful Geneva, traveled a LOT, on his bicicle “the yak”, all around the globe, just like my mate Giorgio Bettinelli did with his Vespa mopeds. Read the rest of this entry »


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