La morte-della nostra immagine (2 Comments)

Questo è successo nel Senato della Repubblica Italiana. Una giovane Repubblica, piena di buoni propositi all’inizio. Questo è quello che ne resta. La mortadella, la morte-della nostra immagine nel mondo. Questo sembrerebbe il fondo. Ora si può cominciare a scavare, magari inumidendo il fondo del baratro con gli sputi e il grasso della mortadella, o le bollicine di quello Champagne. Oppure si può azzerare tutto e ripartire. Per fortuna sono emigrato in Francia…

Sono triste e imbarazzato.

This video is real, it happened in the Italian Senate, the highest expression of democracy in the young Republic. This is what’s left of that promising Republic. The death of our good image around the planet. I’m deeply ashamed by this behavior. I wish that all of you, friends around the Planet, don’t loose all respect for my Country. I live in France, I’m an expat. I love my country but I don’t recognize it anymore…

I’m saddened and sorry.

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    1. BzyBee January 30th, 2008 at 1:35 PM

      Ciao Haero! Please dont worry about being embarrased with the Italian senate. You have not seen the SA senate in progress then. They sleep while the speaker is talking. some of them get asked questions they cant even answer as they dont understand what they are doing there!! they arrive late, leave early & in general very disrespectful. This is atleast jubilant if some what unorthodox behaviour.We ware all guests in this universe ;-)Take care, stop stressing 🙂

    1. haero January 30th, 2008 at 3:22 PM

      Ciao Bee, thanks for your support, count on me for reciprocal support in political matters. The caste that seems to detach itself from the real life of the Country will not be there forever. Revolutions are always possible. Gandhi developed his non violent theories in Durban…isn’t it?

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