130.000 + hits. Keep rockin’! (1 Comment)
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Thanks people of the web. Keep watching my crazy vids. More to come. Many many more.

Grazie a tutti, continuate a guardare i miei pazzi videos. Ne arriveranno altri, molti altri.

One Response to “130.000 + hits. Keep rockin’!”

    1. Min shin hong March 2nd, 2008 at 3:32 PM

      Hi~ Haero
      Do you remember me??
      If you are fotgot me, I`m very sad. haha.
      Hm.. first, I`m sorry to you
      what lately visit this homepage.
      I have big experience that traffic accident.
      I got hospitalization so very long time.
      I was think what my promise that write my say on
      this homepage, until get hospitalization.
      but I don`t try to visit this.
      because of nurse`s overly catch.
      Yesterday, I was leave hospital. that`s so fresh.
      Anyway, I`m keep faith with that`s promise.
      KOREAN is no liar, absolutely.
      I have very very big question to you, until this time. that`s about snow must go on!!!
      so how to result?
      Is it got a winning a prize???
      Is documentary broadcast on the Italy Broadcasting station?
      Are you take that alrline ticket???
      And best important question what
      “Are you keep the health???”
      So, I wanna what you are keep the health for you.
      because of you have a lot of movement to many
      Ah.. Plz don`t misunderstand.
      usually, almost KOREAN have the worry for famliy, friend, other people.
      I have many many many comment to you.
      but, I can`t write all of thing.
      (because of my short english skill. haha)
      hm.. If In case of you are contact to skype,
      I`ll call you directly .
      Take care~~ and keep the health~~
      See you my very good elder brother~!!

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