ObamcCain, on the web. (No Comments)

This is McCain’s campaign website, nice and neat, it would have been a hit some 10 years ago…

And this is the shiny 2.0 compliant website for the Obama campaign.
If the elections were about websites, Obama would’ve won by a landslide of…
2.0 pixels.

Check the Obama everywhere box…this is what I call living the zeitgeist, being in tune with state of the art technology. This is being serious about the time we live in.

Picture 5.jpg

if the democrats can’t pull it this time, with such a broad view, there must be something VERY wrong going on.
I tend to be ver much pro-Obama, even if friends from Chicago told me he’s supported by the lawyer’s lobby, and even if democrats and republicans are just two sides of the same medal, sitting in large numbers in the pockets of the rich corporations they serve, the real rulers of this lonely planet.

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