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Avatar is primarily an action-adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and biodiversity. Cameron said his inspiration was “every single science fiction book I read as a kid”, and that he was particularly striving to update the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter series. The director has acknowledged that Avatar shares themes with the films At Play in the Fields of the Lord and The Emerald Forest, which feature clashes between cultures and civilizations, and that the film shares connections with Dances With Wolves, where a battered soldier finds himself drawn to the culture he was initially fighting against.


At Comic Con 2009, Cameron told attendees that he wanted to make “something that has this spoonful of sugar of all the action and the adventure and all that”. He wanted this to thrill him “as a fan” but also have a conscience “that maybe in the enjoying of it makes you think a little bit about the way you interact with nature and your fellow man”. He added that “the Na’vi represent something that is our higher selves, or our aspirational selves, what we would like to think we are” and that even though there are good humans within the film, the humans “represent what we know to be the parts of ourselves that are trashing our world and maybe condemning ourselves to a grim future”.


Cameron acknowledges that Avatar implicitly criticizes America’s role in the War in Iraq and the impersonal nature of mechanized warfare in general. In reference to the use of the term shock and awe in the film, Cameron said, “We know what it feels like to launch the missiles. We don’t know what it feels like for them to land on our home soil, not in America.” He said in a later interview, “The film is definitely not anti-American.” A scene in the film portrays the violent destruction of the towering Na’vi Hometree, which collapses in flames after a missile attack, coating the landscape with ash and floating embers. Asked about the scene’s resemblance to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Cameron said he had been “surprised at how much it did look like September 11”.

In this gorgeous awe inspiring movie (first time ever I went back to watch it 3d two more times) there are concepts very dear to me. The holistic approach of the Na’vi, their advanced capability to connect to the neural network ok Eiwa (being the Nature), the blind imperialism of the humans, only driven by greed and money, the coral response of Eiwa that allowed the defeat of the powerful mercenaries (although I would have preferred a Ghandian way to solve the crisis…but that would’ve made the already long movie way longer).
Ray Kurzweil or Jacque Fresco talk about these things a lot, in different ways, check them out. It could be possible for us too!

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    1. Edo February 2nd, 2010 at 9:41 PM

      Seeee, troooppp capelli!! 🙂

    1. Tiger February 2nd, 2010 at 9:45 PM

      I see you:-)

    1. haero February 4th, 2010 at 10:10 PM

      I see you canim!

    1. haero February 4th, 2010 at 10:12 PM

      Azz Edo, m’hai beccato, ci fosse stato mi sarei avatarizzato in tsu’tey (-:D
      Che fissa, la captcha per questo commento era TYRI, una parte di NEITYRI (-:D

    1. Edo February 5th, 2010 at 7:11 PM

      Capì ‘n cassu! SarĂ  che non ho visto il movie in questione… sai com’è, qui la sera dopo il tigì donatella sviene con la testa nella lavatrice ed io nella tazza. Mentre Nico parla con un asino di pezza.

    1. haero February 7th, 2010 at 8:24 AM

      Immagino Edo, chapeau a chi riesce a fare un figlio su questo pianeta. Il movie se riesci guardatelo in un cinema in 3d, possibilmente in lingua originale. Ora spiego perchè mi piace, visto che in genere i films sugli alieni sono la feccia della fantascienza, IMHO.

    1. haero February 20th, 2010 at 12:12 PM

      Avatarro! (-:D

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