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Artificial Kid, Numero 47 (2 Comments)

Danno (Colle Der Fomento), StabbyoBoy (GoTaste e King Kong Posse) e Dj Craim compongono il ragazzino artificiale, the Artificial Kid, CyberPunkRap dalla Capitale. Numero 47 è il loro primo lavoro, un potentissimo melange di liriche tipiche del Funk Romano, “Dannose” all’ennesima potenza, sostenute dalle basi di Stefano StabbyoBoy, pura potenza della natura, stile da vendere, farcito di scratches di Dj Craim, che nonostante la giovane età spacca già da tempo. Si sente l’odore del malessere che ci viene imposto dall’elite che ha il controllo di tutti i fili e tutti i bottoni. In Numero 47 le teorie complottistiche sono realtà, alla quale cercare di sottrarsi. Si percepisce il futuro prossimo, possibile, reale, RFID e chip sottocutanei, nuovo ordine mondiale e panem et circenses, divide et impera, il grano salis trebbiato da potenti spot omnimediali…
Mr. Bill Gates diceva che il WWW era “computer geek pornography”, 15 anni fa…adesso lo chiama “the Cloud” e ne vuole il controllo. 1984 sempre possibile.
Listen, resist, and shut the fuck up.

The Age Of Stupid (Chamonix sequence)… (No Comments)

My mate Christie Liebenberg told me about this new movie coming up. It’s called The Age Of Stupid, starring Pete Postlethwaite. Now, you may think, here’s yet another documentary about global warming made by a celebrity, to scare people and make money, by surfing the Global Warning scam wave…

If you think so, well, YOU’RE STUPID, period.

P.S.:I chose this trailer, because they cleverly filmed Southern Chamonix from the running train. I happen to live in one of the houses scrolling by…

Thanks Sir Tim (3 Comments)

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the WWW

This page on wikipedia tells the tale of this great man. 20 years ago today, he proposed a way to simplify the sharing of data @ CERN…the rest is history, the history of the World Wide Web.

I remember connecting to BBSs back in the late 80s, to download pieces of code, with my other classmates, to show rudimentary bmp pictures on the screen. It took a whole night for a few Megs of data. In those very moments, Sir Tim was making a big gift to humanity, arguably the biggest and most important historical event of the 20th century.

It is because of Sir Tim, that I can talk to my 101 y.o. Grandpa, Vito Fabellini, who waltzed into his 102nd year last Sunday, with a videoconferencing software, or keep in touch with my family and y’all.

Thanks Tim!


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