South Africa Host, Christie Liebenberg (No Comments)


“ciao andrea!

everything is going pretty good in SA. sun is shining and we are happy! your timing suites me perfectly! i don’t have anything on that week…..i will keep it open for you 😉 and i will definitely have a place for you to sleep, don’t worry about that. also, let me know if you need a lift from the airport and what your plans are for here… long you want to stay…etc. obviously you would like to see the rest country….tour a little. let me know…i will help you get more information for the trip….a lot of very nice places to go and stay…”

Thank you Christie, I can’t wait to be down in Jo’burg and South Africa. Your hospitality is great!
Hey, by the way, thanks also for the filming in London, that was probably one of the very few occasions of being filmed (mostly because i’m the filmer, normally :-)), while painting with best friend andrehequo aka brain man aka foster calatrava :-).

See you soon bru!!

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