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Alaska host, Fabrizio Lovati, musher. (1 Comment)


Prova a vedere se ni tuoi prossimi itinerari da settembre vieni in Alaska dove sono io .?

Ti aspetto a casa mia per una gita con i cani che faranno la iditarod 2008 .

Fabrizio lovati

Ciao Fabrizio!
Il primo a rispondere alle mie petulanti richieste di aiuto, sotto forma di e-mail.
Courmayeuren di adozione, come me, che ha fatto della passione per lo sleddog una ragione di vita.
E come per me, che ho seguito il richiamo della neve e delle alpi, lui ha seguito il richiamo della foresta, e si trova proprio nelle terre dove Jack London ambientò l’omonimo romanzo.
Grazie per l’offerta di ospitalità, non vedo l’ora di passare qualche vera notte boreale in Alaska, al chiarore fantascientifico di un’aurora boreale.
Ciao da Cham/Courma.

Ciao Fabrizio!
The first to reply to my bothering help request e-mail. His passion for sled dog brought him to the great north. Like when I moved to the alps to answer call of the snow, he moved to Alaska to answer the call of the wild, right to the land featured in the famous Jack London novel. Thanks for your offer mate, I can’t wait to experience a northern night, under the sci fi light of an aurora borealis.
Ciao from Cham/Courma.

Dry Slope Snowpark, Roma, Italia! (1 Comment)

Questo è il sogno di noi snowboarders appenninici, la possibilità di poter praticare il freestyle in ogni stagione, senza bisogno di neve (!!!!), senza andare lontano, senza freddo. Mi chiedo se sarà il futuro dello snowboard…In UK le dry slopes sono una realtà da decenni, pechè non hanno montagne. Sono contento di vederne uno in italia, perchè aggiunge ricchezza alla scena, ma debbo dire che la prospettiva di ridursi alle dry slopes nell’appennino mi spaventa e non poco!

This is the dream of appennine snowboarders, that is to be able to snowboard in everyseason and nearly every condition, regardless of the cold, the snow (!!) and without going far from the city. I ask myself if this will be the future of snowboarding…in Uk, dry slopes are a reality since dacades, but that’s because there are no real mountains. I’m happy to see a dry slope in Italy, because it enriches the scene, but I’m scared about the future; I hope the riders appinnines won’t have to reduce themselves to dry slopes…!

Jed video, Apple ][ (1 Comment)

Qesto video è originalissimo. Ne vado pazzo.

This video is awesome, I love it.

Band name: Grandaddy

South Africa Host, Christie Liebenberg (No Comments)


“ciao andrea!

everything is going pretty good in SA. sun is shining and we are happy! your timing suites me perfectly! i don’t have anything on that week…..i will keep it open for you 😉 and i will definitely have a place for you to sleep, don’t worry about that. also, let me know if you need a lift from the airport and what your plans are for here… long you want to stay…etc. obviously you would like to see the rest country….tour a little. let me know…i will help you get more information for the trip….a lot of very nice places to go and stay…”

Thank you Christie, I can’t wait to be down in Jo’burg and South Africa. Your hospitality is great!
Hey, by the way, thanks also for the filming in London, that was probably one of the very few occasions of being filmed (mostly because i’m the filmer, normally :-)), while painting with best friend andrehequo aka brain man aka foster calatrava :-).

See you soon bru!!

I miei ospitanti a LA | My hosts in LA (No Comments)


“just a quick reply.
sure you can use any picture of us as long as we look incredibly
beautiful! just kidding!

We had to leave Colorado because Ted lost his job and got a new one
here. Yes the skiing/snowboarding was fantastic! World class really!
We miss it terribly. Last year we rented a ski lodge and were in the
mountains every weekend…”

Mine Ucok Hughes

Thanks Mine and Ted! They offered me a place to crash when I’ll be roaming in LA. I take this opportunity to create a new category for my posts, the “host” category, which will list all the friends and mates that will host or help me during my round the world.

Grazie Mine, grazie Ted, mi hanno offerto un riparo per i giorni che trascorrero’ a Los Angeles!
Inauguro una nuova categoria chiamata hosts. In essa saranno elencati tutti gli amici e i conoscenti che mi ospiteranno o aiuteranno durante il giro del mondo.


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