Cape Town Hosts – The Huysamens (No Comments)

Deon, Chris and Jo, the Huysamens, the family that runs the Timour Hall Villa in the quiet suburb of Plumstead, near Cape Town.
I had a wonderful, truly thorough experience in Cape Town, and most of the props are to be paid to them. They’re very nice, friendly, outgoing, open minded, happy, and willing to help at any moment.
Special thanks to Jo, a poet and a brilliant mind, that took a day of her life to give me a free tour of the cape peninsula. Yes, you’re not wrong, a free tour with her own car. Isn’t that great?
Thank you very much Jo, keep your spirit high and continue to create.

For those willing to stay at the Timour Hall Villa, here’s the address:

Corner of Timour hall and St.Johan’s roads,
Plumstead, PO box 564 Constantia, 7848, South Africa.

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